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Hiking to High Junk Peak - a Sharp Summit in Hong Kong

The panoramic view (composed of three images) of High Junk Peak taken at Sheung Yeung Shan
The precipitous High Junk Peak, Sharp Peak and Castle Peak are known as the “Three Sharp Summits in Hong Kong” by hikers. Towering 344m above the lowlands, High Junk Peak offers unobstructed views of Clear Water Bay and Tseung Kwan O. It is easily accessible by public transportation and less challenging than the other two peaks, making it a good weekend destination for hiking and photography.

There are a number of trails to get to High Junk Peak, but only the one introduced here offers you the best spot to take photos of the entire High Junk Peak. The trail, which can be done within an hour, starts at Ng Fai Tin and goes all the way along Sheung Yeung Shan to High Junk Peak. We can take 103M minibus at Tseung Kwan O MTR Station and get off at Bay View (close to Ng Fai Tin village). The path uphill is just next to the pavilion.
Take 103M minibus and get off at Bay View
The path uphill is just next to the get-off point
The path to High Junk Peak is located midway along the trail to the big temple. After climbing the stairs, follow the road sign direction to the big temple.
Mountain bike trails intertwine with the country trail uphill, so be careful of the passing bikes when you climb the stairs along the country trail
You will see mountain bike trails crossing the path very often. Just follow the stairs up
Turn left to an unknown hill and continue your path to High Junk Peak at this junction. On the right is High Junk Peak country trail, which can take you to the destination as well but you will not see the entire peak. The path on the left with the wooden handrail offers a much better shooting angle to take photos of the peak
Ngau Mei Chau
Walk through a dense forest and the sharp summit of High Junk Peak will come into view
Lohas Park in the distance
Tai Hang Hau, Siu Hang Hau and Lung Ha Wan
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Area
Sweeping view can be enjoyed at the summit of High Junk Peak. Shoot with a wide angle lens and include a small human in the composition to accentuate the wide-open landscape with the lens’ strong sense of perspective
Clear Water Bay
After shooting, continue the trail to leave. Walk carefully along the southeast ridge of High Junk Peak to go down to a junction. Follow the road sign to Clear Water Bay and continue walking downhill for around 15 minutes. You can then take a minibus or bus to leave at Clear Water Bay Road.
The path on the left gets you down from the summit of High Junk Peak. To leave, take the path on the right
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