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World-first EOS 6D Mark II Astrophotography time-lapse
Well, we had this extra special exciting news about EOS 6D Mark II, and we wanted to do something extra special exciting to celebrate. Not just a, “Hey, guys, we’ve got a new camera—it’s really cool.” We wanted fireworks… and what says fireworks more than an Astro time-lapse (aside from actual fireworks, obviously)? Nothing.
Photographing Places with No One Present
Does the place in the photo above look familiar but strange? This is Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok, one of the busiest streets in Hong Kong. It looks strange because we seldom see this place with no one around during daytime. This kind of photo captures the desolate moment of the world and looks surreal. Let’s check out the shooting skills and tips on how to capture an empty street.
Beginner’s Guide: Understanding Metering Mode
“Light” is an indispensable element in photography. To achieve an accurate exposure, we adjust the camera’s settings such as aperture and shutter speed so that the right amount of light enters into the camera. “Metering Mode” refers to...
新手教學 理解及設定白平衡
Beginner’s Guide on Shooting with Manual Mode
To many photography beginners, Manual mode (M Mode) seems to be a more advanced shooting mode than Shutter-Priority (Tv Mode) or Aperture-Priority (Av Mode) modes. But this is just a common misperception. In fact, we should know when to use the different shooting modes...