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Beginner’s Guide: Understanding Metering Mode
“Light” is an indispensable element in photography. To achieve an accurate exposure, we adjust the camera’s settings such as aperture and shutter speed so that the right amount of light enters into the camera. “Metering Mode” refers to...
新手教學 理解及設定白平衡
Beginner’s Guide on Shooting with Manual Mode
To many photography beginners, Manual mode (M Mode) seems to be a more advanced shooting mode than Shutter-Priority (Tv Mode) or Aperture-Priority (Av Mode) modes. But this is just a common misperception. In fact, we should know when to use the different shooting modes...
Feel the Passing of Time Basic Technique on Time-Lapse Photography
Time-lapse is a fast-motion movie effect created by joining a series of images of the same scene or object taken continuously at a certain time interval over a period of time. The aim of it is to show the progress of a slow changing scene within a shorter time...
Beginner’s Guide on Commonly Used Shooting Modes and Their Applications
Digital SLR camera provides users with greater flexibility in shooting, and normally offers four shooting modes, namely P, Av, Tv and M modes. These modes are different in settings and good for particular topics. Learning the characteristics of these modes will help photography beginners handle different types of images with flexibility.