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Indulge in the Romantic Snow World: Shirakawa-go Photo Trip Sharing
Many hongkongers travel to the northern countries during winter season to experience the charm of winter scenery when everywhere is covered in snow.
Capture City Rainscape with a Twist
Summer is not only about hot sunny days. The blue sky landscape is of course enchanting, but capturing the city rainscape in the rainy and typhoon seasons can tell a different story of our place.
Skills for Capturing the Busy Night Traffic
Hong Kong remains a bustling city even at nightfall. The lighted up buildings, busy traffic, multicolored neon signs with people thronging the streets become the city’s unique and iconic nightscape. To capture beautiful night shots of this vibrant city, we have to know the place so as to decide what camera settings or shooting method work best for it. Let’s check out some of the useful skills and tips below.
Capture the Romantic After-Rain Scenes Top 3 Shooting Tips for Reflection Photography
Although summer in Hong Kong is a rainy season, there is always something interesting to shoot with the rains. Whether you are a landscape or streetscape lover, you can make good use of reflections to enrich your photos and open up room for imagination! Let’s check out the top 3 shooting tips for beautiful reflection shots shared by landscape photographer CP Lau @MUG Photography.
Capturing Lunar New Year Fireworks with “Fukuda” Technique
The firework show on the second day of Lunar New Year is something not to be missed for photo enthusiasts. Every year, people gather at both sides of the Victoria Harbour to capture these splendid moments.