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A Quick Introduction to Landscape Photography Skills
Landscape photography has long been a popular photographic topic to novices. Apart from practicing more and trying out on different camera settings, the few basic skills below can help you capture beautiful...
Insightful Tips from Photography Guru: Capture the Shimmering Nightscape of Hong Kong
Our city’s landscape is constantly changing under rapid development with heritage buildings and old communities being demolished or re-developed. Photography is a way to record this change. Despite...
Insightful Tips from Travel Photographer: In Search for the Best Shot of Red Leaves
Red leaves become the talk of town every year when autumn arrives. It is a peak season for photo lovers to travel abroad and admire the fascinating beauty of golden leaves in the mountains and nature. In this article, founder of Facebook fan page...
Catching the Sunrise
Plan your year in spring and your day at dawn. The light of the morning sun is symbolic of hope, and no wonder it has always been the favorite subject for photo lovers...
Guide to “Mirror of the Sky” Photography
Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is for sure a destination that tops the list of photo enthusiasts to visit in a lifetime. The stunning image of this heaven-like place where the sky is perfectly mirrored is simply impressive and breathtaking. We don’t have to travel a long way to South America for scenery like this. If you look close...