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Large Aperture Prime Lens for Everyday Snapshot Lovers
When a newborn joins the family, many parents would have plans to capture the precious growth journey of their kids with a good camera...
情人節又來了 女朋友應該這樣拍!
Record Your Kids’ Growth Journey with Photography
To record the precious growth moments of kids with photos has become an important matter for many parents. As kids are agile and nimble, and their facial expressions are unpredictable, it’s a bit challenging to capture the ideal shots in a split moment. Learn the basic shooting skills and tips suggested in this article to make it easier to capture the lovely moments!
Happy • Get Together
Sharing happiness is way better than enjoying it by your own. Get together with your family and friends and let the index of happiness climb exponentially! Same for photography, it is easier to convey the sense of happiness in your photos when photographing a group of two or more people. The following tips on shooting technique can help you capture photos of happy get together in an unconventional way.
Capture Exotic Portraits
Most Hong Kong people love traveling. It is a way to getaway from the busy life, relax yourself and take really beautiful pictures. In fact, it is not just the exotic landscape that attracts our eyes, the people we meet on the journey is full of charm too. These encounters can be unexpected and short, so it takes skills and techniques to photograph people well when you travel.