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Nan Lian Garden - An Antique Architecture in the Bustling City
Located next to Chi Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill, Nan Lian Garden is a Tang Dynasty-style garden adorned with antique timber structures and beautifully landscaped with trees, rocks and water features that offers a rich variety of photographic topics to photo lovers. Changing scenery can be enjoyed if you take a stroll along the paths in the garden, with meticulously planned layout that will give you an illusion that you are within a landscape painting.
Kai Kung Leng Photo Trip - Fish Pond Sunset in the Northwest New Territories
The vast area of fish ponds in the Northwest New Territories near Shenzhen River have been producing a great variety of freshwater fish species including the famous Jinga Shrimp to feed Hong Kong since 1950s. However, for photo lovers, those west-facing fish ponds located in Kai Kung Leng makes the perfect sunset photography location when the water shows golden reflections during the sunset hours.
長洲太平清醮 攝出傳統道地文化
Photo Trip at Sharp Peak - Conquering the Sharpest Summit in Hong Kong
The precipitous Castle Peak, High Junk Peak and Sharp Peak are collectively known as the “Three Sharp Summits in Hong Kong”.
Rising High in the City - Quarry Bay “Monster Building”
Known as a “Concrete Jungle”, Hong Kong is famed for its tower-studded cityscape which becomes a popular filming location for Hollywood blockbusters. The Yau Tsim Mong District offers a glimpse of the local lives and a unique city nightscape...