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Grey Backdrop Tricks for Portrait Photography
Paper backdrops are one of the essential tools in studio photography. Do you know which backdrop color is the most practical and versatile to novices in portrait photography? The answer is grey.
Photography Tools: Build a DIY Softbox
As we got more experienced in portrait photography, most of us would start to look for an external flash in order to create more versatile imaging effects. However, a hard and strong shadow of the subjects is created when we illuminate the subject head-on.
Be Creative! Capture the Magical World in a Crystal Ball
Gazing into a crystal ball may not predict the future in reality, but it can definitely help in photography. The refractive nature of a crystal ball offers you a new perspective to capture ordinary subjects, making it possible to reveal the world in a magical way!
Guide to “Mirror of the Sky” Photography
Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is for sure a destination that tops the list of photo enthusiasts to visit in a lifetime. The stunning image of this heaven-like place where the sky is perfectly mirrored is simply impressive and breathtaking. We don’t have to travel a long way to South America for scenery like this. If you look close...