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Canon DCFever EOS Movie Channel & Videoblog.hk Learn to Take Better Video with Loads of Practical Tips and Articles
There is a growing trend for taking videos with DSLR cameras in recent years. Compared to photos, videos can record more of our everyday life. Canon has been developing technologies in this realm for years, and has already incorporated a Full HD EOS Movie Shooting function in many of its DSLR cameras to help users record funny everyday moments with ease.
Canon Cinema EOS Channel Now Launched on DCFever.com
Canon Cinema EOS System has always been innovating to support the filmmaking industry with cutting-edge and superior technologies. Canon has just launched a new Canon Cinema EOS Channel on DCFever.com, a renowned local informative website for digital camera users, to keep video enthusiasts abreast with the latest information and happenings in the industry.
An Index For HD Video Making
With the advances in technology, High Definition TV broadcast will eventuate within the next couple of years. HD has become a catchphrase in the home entertainment industry and can be found on television sets, video camcorders, projectors, game consoles and computers. The following is a primer explaining on what HD is about.
Short Course in Short film
The modern compact camcorder is the ideal tool for recording the sights and sounds in your life. While filming is getting the raw footage...
Hints on travel film making
Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life is a great way to relax, and making a film record of your travel is also a nice hobby too. Here are a few hints on how to make the most out of your travel films.