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Digital Photo Professional (2) - Digital Lens Optimizer - Improving Picture Quality
Canon’s semi-professional EOS 5D Mark III Full Frame Digital SLR camera is incorporated with 22.3 megapixels for higher photo quality and can capture every photo opportunity with ease. For photographers that chase after perfection, Canon is proud to include the groundbreaking feature – Digital Lens Optimizer (DLO)...
Digital Photo Professional (1)
The latest Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software offers a “HDR Tool” option for compositing 3 images taken at different exposure levels ....
A Simple Guide to HD Movie Editing
People are more conscious about movie in general when HDTV is gaining popularity in Hong Kong. Now that most Canon digital camcorders are capable of recording 1920x1080 Full-HD clips through the AVCHD format, the picture quality is now so fine that it shows all the details. Although a high-spec computer is needed to edit HD clips, the software is easy to operate. Anyone after proper learning can edit his own HD movie.
Saving files: RAW vs JPEG