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Photo Trip at Tai To Yan - Trekking on the Knife-Edge Ridge
Narrow and long, Tai To Yan is so named because of its resemblance to a big knife chopping off the New Territories into the east and west.
A Land of Tranquility - Lau Shui Heung Reservoir
Situated near Lau Shui Heung Village in the northeast of New Territories, the serene and picturesque Lau Shui Heung ...
Photo Trip at Tsing Yi Sam Chi Heung - Conquering Three Peaks in One Trip
Have you captured the first sun ray of the new year of 2017? We have visited Sam Chi Heung and stayed up overnight wishing to photograph the first sunrise of the new year. Situated in Tsing Yi of the New Territories, Sam Chi Heung is a hill with three adjoining peaks of similar heights.
Discover Taiwan by Bike - Hou-Fong Bike Path
Taiwan has always been a popular travel destination to Hong Kong people. In addition to the advantages of being in close proximity to Hong Kong and cheaper expenditure, Taiwan is also known for its abundant scenery. Jiufen, Tamsui and Sun Moon Lake, just to name a few, are all well-known scenic spots.
UNESCO World Natural Heritage - Yakushima Island in Japan (2) - Visiting the 7000-Year-Old Jomonsugi Cedar
Listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since 1993, Yakushima Island is an extensive and primitive forest area. With 75% mountainous terrain and close to 50 summits with elevation over 1000ft including Mt. Miyanoura, the highest peak in Kyushu, it is also known as the “Alps of the Sea”.