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Exploring the Underwater World
Summer is here! Are you ready for the sun and beach? Different from what we see on land, the stunning ocean scenery underwater is a treasure to explore. So why not dive into the ocean and capture the wonderful underwater world with a digital camera? Before you go, let’s check out the useful tips and sharing from professional underwater videographer Raymond Man.
Biggest Carnival in the Southern Hemisphere Sydney Royal Easter Show
This is not a Hong Kong carnival. Our limited space restricts us from getting big. The Sydney Royal Easter Show, on the other hand...
Tasmania, Shangri-La of Southern Australia - Breathing the most primitive air
On the south western part of Australia, Tasmania Island is the place of seclusion in most Australian's mind. With 30% of the island kept as a national park...
Kenya: Beyond Wildlife
Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, Kenya might seem primitive and down-to-earth, but apart from the wildlife, the natives and every aspect of nature all present photographic opportunities.
Cycling around Bali