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Initiator: Simon Tam
Are there any particular tips on photographing motor racing? What sort of shutter speed should I use?
Advisor: King Yan Tsai
First of all you have to be familiar with the pann... [View Detail]
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Photo & Video Post Proccessing
Colour Management
Photo Printing
Video Shooting
Kenny Chung
Working for over 20 years in video production.
Joseph Fung
Joseph Fung has devoted himself in the nurturing the new generation of photographers in Hong Kong for over 30 years.
Harlim Djauhar Winata
With more than twenty-five years of experience in professional photography...
Ming N.
A professional fashion photographer, one of the founders of Hong Kong Professional Photographers Network (HKPPN) and was majored in Journalism and Communications in college.
King Yan Tsai
King Yan Tsai was educated in Japan in a photography academy in 1970's...
Sam Ng
Working in printing related industry for almost 10 years with in-depth knowledge in printing technology and color management.
Arnold Lee
Graduated from Vancouver Film School, Arnold is a multi-media and visual artist with 20 years of photography experience...
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