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Categories: Photo Printing Advisor: Canon Pro Ask By: Lau Ka Keung
There are many kinds inkjet papers on the market of different weights and surfaces, how do I choose between them?
A great variety of injket paper is available nowadays, even if we are talking about surface finish there are glossy, semi-gloss, matt, fine art, fine art museum etching, etc. Choosing a surface finish is a subjective issue, even the same picture printed on different papers can give quite different flavours, but then there are those who like glossy paper and print everything on it. So it depends on your personal preference and style, and of course you can pick your paper to suit the subject.

When selecting paper, take note of the specifications such as weight and ISO brightness ratings. The manufacture might supply the same paper in two different weights, the greater the weight the thicker the paper. The choice of brightness also depends on the subject.

Printer manufacturers normally recommend the use of original consumables, because the driver software has the ICC profiles of these pre-programmed, so as to achieve better printing results compared to those by third-party makers. Matching Canon's own inks and paper you can also be assured of longevity of the prints, which can be kept in an album for 100 years without fading.