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Categories: Colour Management Advisor: Sam Ng Ask By: Alfred Sit
Can you describe how to effect colour management using the ICC profiles generated by a colorimeter and supplied with the printer?

If the monitor has been calibrated and profiled using a hardware colorimeter, and an ICC profile has been generated for it, we can use that monitor in conjunction with those bundled original printer profiles to simulate the print results. The method of setting up simulation (soft-proof) in Photoshop is shown in picture 1. Please be reminded that the media type and print quality of the printer profile for previewing must be the same as what we will select in the later print process. (In this example, "PR" in Canon iP4200 PR1 is the media as in Photo Paper Pro, the 1 meant print quality = 1).

Picture 1

Under this simulation mode, the colors we see are pretty close to the actual output results. After performing all the adjustments to the photo, we can print the image with the setting as shown in picture 2.

Picture 2

Please be reminded to turn off all the color correction function in the printer driver as shown in picture 3.
Then we can press OK to proceed with printing.

Picture 3