Terms and Conditions of Canon Summer Vibes Travel Promotion   

  1. Canon Hongkong Company Limited (“Canon”) is the organizer of Canon Summer Vibes Travel Promotion’s Activity (“Activity”)
  2. Activity is held for the period from 1 July 2019 to 31 August 2019 (both dates are inclusive) (“Promotion Period”). 
  3. Upon entering in the Activity, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below (these “Terms and Conditions”).

 Eligibility and Enrollment Method 

  1. To be eligible for the Activity, all participants must fulfill all the following requirements:-
    1. be aged 18 or above (on the date of purchase of Canon Selected Products);
    2. have purchased any of the designated Canon products or product combination as specified in Clause 5 (“Canon Selected Products”) at Canon Online Shop, Canon Image2 or any one of the Canon’s selected authorized dealers* (collectively, referred to as “Canon Sales Location”) during the Promotion Period; and
    3. be a Hong Kong / Macau Identity Card (“ID Card”) holder or a foreigner with a valid passport.
  2.  Canon Selected Products are:-
  3. 1.

    EOS 5D Mark IV Body;


    EOS 5D Mark IV with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens Kit Set;


    EOS 5D Mark IV with EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM Lens Kit Set; 


    EOS RP Body; or


    EOS RP with RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens Kit Set


    *List of Canon’s selected authorized dealers (“Selected Authorized Dealers”) are:- 

    Hong Kong:
    Broadway / Cam2 / Chung Pui Photo Supplies / Chung Yuen / CMK / Delon Photo HiFi Centre / Fortress / Hong Kong Suning / Man Shing Photo Supplies Co. Ltd. / Mirama Camera & Hi-Fi / Photo Scientific / shop@dcfever / Tin Cheung / Wing Shing Photo Supplies Co. Ltd.

    Fortress / Foto Maxim's / Foto Nice / FOTO PRINCESSA / Image Digital / New Yaohan


  1. Canon reserves the sole and absolute right to disqualify or exclude you from the Activity and/or Gifts (as defined below) without prior notice if you: 
    1. commit a breach of these Terms and Conditions;
    2. provide untrue or invalid personal information;
    3. provide inconsistent personal information at the time of enrollment and claiming Gifts;
    4. are found to be participating in the Activity in any illegal or dishonest manner; or
    5. are considered by Canon to be suitable to be disqualified or excluded under reasonable circumstances.


Gift Redemption Arrangement

  1. For eligible participants who purchase any of Canon Selected Products at Canon Sales Location during the Promotion Period, you will be entitled to redeem the following gifts (“Gifts”) corresponding to the Canon Selected Products you purchase at Canon Image2 or Macau Canon Customer Care Center:  
  2. Canon Selected Product


    EOS 5D Mark IV Body

    HK$1,500 Canon Coupon OR HK$1,200 Supermarket Coupon (Either one) AND one Battery Pack LP-E6N

    EOS 5D Mark IV with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens Kit Set

    EOS 5D Mark IV with EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM Lens Kit Set

    EOS RP Body 


    One Mount Adapter EF-EOS R#  AND one Battery Pack LP-E17 

    EOS RP with RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens Kit Set

    # For eligible participants who purchase Selected EOS RP Body or Kit Set at Canon Sales Location during the Promotion Period, you will be entitled to redeem one Mount Adapter EF-EOS R at the time of purchase


Redemption document – Hong Kong/Macau ID Card holders

  1. Eligible participants who purchase any of the Canon Selected Products at Canon Image2 during the Promotion Period and wish to redeem the Gift at the time of purchase, must  present and produce all the following documents (“Document 1”) upon redemption at Canon Image2
    1. An original purchase record card;
    2. An original barcode with Serial Number affixed on original product packaging; and
    3. An original invoice issued by Canon during the Promotion Period.
  2.  Eligible participants who purchase any of the Canon Selected Products during the Promotion Period and wish to redeem the Gift on or before 16 September 2019 at Canon Image2 or Macau Canon Customer Care Center have to complete the following steps upon redemption:-
    1. register as a Club Canon member;
    2. choose “Yes” under the “Accept direct marketing” option in your Club Canon member account before completing the respective product warranty registration;
    3. complete the respective product warranty registration on or before 8 September 2019; and 
    4. present and produce all of the following documents (“Document 2”) on or before 16 September 2019 at Canon Image2 or Macau Canon Customer Care Center:


      1. A printed copy of a redemption letter in your Club Canon account. (Canon will send a redemption letter to each qualified participant’s Club Canon account within 7 working days after your completion of product warranty registration);
      2. An original purchase record card;
      3. An original barcode with Serial Number on original product packaging; and
      4. An original invoice issued by Canon or Selected Authorized Dealers during the Promotion Period.
  3. Clauses 8 and 9 are not applicable to foreigners who do not hold a valid Hong Kong/ Macau ID Card.


Redemption Document – Foreigners

  1. For foreigners who purchase any of Canon Selected Products at Canon Sales Location, you may redeem the Gift by presenting and producing all of the following documents (“Document 3”, Document 1, Document 2 and Document 3 collectively referred to as “Documents”) on or before 8 September 2019 at Canon Image2 or Macau Canon Customer Care Center:-
    1. A valid original travel document;
    2. An original purchase record card;
    3. An original barcode with Serial Number on original product packaging; and
    4. An original invoice issued by Canon or Selected Authorized Dealers during the Promotion Period.


Gift Redemption Terms and Restrictions

  1. For each purchase of any Selected Product, you are entitled to redeem only one Gift. All kit sets and body will be counted as one Selected Product and you are entitled to redeem a maximum of one Gift for each model of Selected Products purchased once. 
  2. Gift redemption location and time: 
  3. Hong Kong:
    Canon Image2
    Address and Opening Hours:
    20/F., iSQUARE, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
    Monday to Sunday 11:00am - 7:00pm (Closed on Public Holidays)

    Canon Customer Care Center
    Address and Opening Hours:
    Unit 1502-1503, 15/F, AIA Tower, Nos 251A-301, Avenida Commercial De Macau
    Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 12:30 pm and 1:30pm-5:30pm
    Saturday 8:30am-12:30pm (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

  4. You may authorize a representative to redeem the Gift on your behalf in case you are unable to redeem it in person. Your representative shall provide an original authorization letter duly signed by you with a copy of your identity proof for the purpose of identity verification in order to redeem the Gift on your behalf. You may download the authorization letter from this:
  5. If Canon is unable to notify you due to incomplete or incorrect information provided by you or you have not claimed Gift on or before 16 September 2019, you shall be deemed to have waived your rights to receive the relevant Gifts and Canon shall be entitled to exercise its sole and absolute discretion to disqualify you, and to use such Gifts for any purposes as Canon deems fit.
  6. Gift cannot be redeemed if the Documents cannot be provided or the information provided is different from that provided upon product warranty registration.
  7. The original barcode with Serial Number on original product packaging will be collected. The original purchase record card and original invoice will be stamped and returned to you to indicate the completion of redemption. You must sign on the printed copy of the redemption letter and return it to Canon to complete the whole redemption process. The signed redemption letter will not be returned to you.
  8. The product warranty of the respective Canon Selected Products must be registered under participant’s name and, the Canon Selected Products cannot be used for resale purpose.

Personal Data

  1. The personal data provided and collected will be used by Canon for one or more of the following purposes:  
    1. For creation, processing and maintenance of your enrollment record, the administration and monitoring of the Activity;
    2. For statistical and analytical purposes; and
    3. Any other legitimate purposes as may be required, authorized by law.

    The provision of personal data is voluntary. If you do not provide sufficient information, you may not be able to enroll the Activity. Canon will treat the personal data provided by you in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) and with our privacy policy (https://hk.canon/en/consumer/web/privacy-policy) amended from time to time.

  2. The personal data you provided are mainly for use within Canon but the information may also be disclosed by Canon to other third parties for the purposes stated above, if required.
  3. You have the right to request access to and correction of your personal data under sections 18 and 22 and principle 6, schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486). Canon may impose a fee for complying with a data access request.
  4. Enquiries concerning the personal data provided, including the request for access and correction, should be addressed to:
    Personal Data Officer
    Canon Hongkong Company Limited
    3/F, Tower A, China Life Center, 18 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon
    Email: privacy_officer@chk.canon.com.hk 



  1. Canon shall not bear any responsibility for replacement of any damaged, lost or stolen redemption letter.
  2. Redemption of goods are final and Gifts are not transferrable or exchangeable for cash and/or any other goods. No requests for exchange for other gifts shall be entertained. 
  3. All Gifts are available on a first come, first served basis while stock lasts.
  4. The use of the Gifts is subject to its terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of the relevant merchant. 
  5. The Activity can be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers, discount and/or activity.
  6. Canon shall not be liable to you for any loss, damage, cost and expense directly or indirectly suffered by you (including but not limited to, loss of profit, loss of saving, loss of goodwill, loss of revenue or loss of contract incurred by you, whether anticipated or actual, or any special indirect or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever) or any action, claim and proceeding taken against you by any third party or parties in connection with, incidental to and consequential upon the performance of Canon or its employees or independent contractors in relation to the Activity. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, to the extent permitted by law, Canon’s total aggregate liability in contract, tort, equity or otherwise for any direct loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the Activity shall be limited to HK$100.
  7. Canon will under no circumstance be liable for any loss or damage caused by any problem or technical malfunction of any communication network, online system or computer hardware or software failure; or any incorrect data input during the online registration.
  8. All time is based on the time of receipt at the server. Late registration will not be entertained.
  9. Any failure or delay by Canon to exercise or enforce any right under these Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed to be a waiver of that right nor operate to bar the exercise or enforcement of it at any time or times thereafter.
  10. The provisions contained in each clause of these Terms and Conditions shall be enforceable independently of each of the others and its validity shall not be affected if any of the others is invalid. In the event any provision of these Terms and Conditions is determined to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not be affected.
  11. Canon reserves the right to amend, delete, supplement and interpret these Terms and Conditions from time to time. 
  12. In case of any dispute, Canon reserves the right of final decision. 
  13. Canon shall have the sole and absolute right towards the Activity, including the right to cancel, postpone or change any details of the Activity without prior notice to any parties.
  14. A person who is not a participant in the Activity has no right at law to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions. 
  15. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“Hong Kong”). You hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Courts in connection with any disputes arising from or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.
  16. These Terms and Conditions are prepared in English and the Chinese translation is provided for reference only. In case of any inconsistency or ambiguity, the English version shall prevail.




CanonSummer Vibes旅攝‧夏日優惠」活動條款及條件

  1. 佳能香港有限公司(「佳能」)為佳能「Summer Vibes旅攝‧夏日優惠」之活動(「本活動」)的主辦單位。 
  2. 活動之推廣期為2019年7月1日至2019年8月31日(包括首尾2天)(「推廣期」)。 
  3. 閣下一旦參加本活動,即表示閣下已閱讀、明白並同意受以下條款及條件約束(「本條款及條件」)。


  1. 閣下必須符合以下所有要求方可參加本活動:-
    1. 年滿18歲或以上(於購買佳能指定產品之日起計);
    2. 於推廣期內,在佳能網上商店、佳能數碼影像坊陳列室或其指定授權經銷商*(統稱為「該佳能銷售點」)購買第5條所列之佳能指定產品或組合(「佳能指定產品」);及 
    3. 持有香港/澳門身份證或有效的旅遊證件。
  2. 佳能指定產品包括:-
  3. 1.

    EOS 5D Mark IV機身;


    EOS 5D Mark IV機身連EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM 鏡頭套裝;


    EOS 5D Mark IV機身連EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM鏡頭套裝;


    EOS RP  機身;或


    EOS RP 機身連 RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM鏡頭套裝



    百老匯 / Cam2 / 鍾沛攝影器材行 / 中原電器  / 張毛記 / 狄龍影音 / 豐澤 / 香港蘇寧 / 萬成攝影器材 / 美麗華相機音響 / 攝影科學 / shop@dcfever / 天祥攝影器材 /  永成攝影器材

     豐澤 / 美心 / 麗斯 / 公主攝影器材行 / 形象數碼 / 新八佰伴 



  1. 佳能保留其獨有及絕對酌情權以取消閣下參與本活動及/或禮品(定義見下文)換領資格而無須發出事先通知,如閣下:  
    1. 違反本條款及條件;
    2. 提供不真實或無效的個人資料;
    3. 於領獎時提供與參加時不符之個人資料;
    4. 以非法或不誠實的手法參加本活動;或
    5. 被佳能在合理情況下認為應該取消換領資格。


  1. 凡於推廣期內在該佳能銷售點購買佳能指定產品的合資格參加者,可按購買的佳能指定產品於佳能數碼影像坊陳列室或澳門佳能客戶服務中心換領以下相應禮品(「禮品」):  
  2. 佳能指定產品 


    EOS 5D Mark IV 機身或

    HK$1,500 Canon現金券HK$1,200 超市現金券 (二選一) 電池 LP-E6N乙枚

    EOS 5D Mark IV連 EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM鏡頭套裝或

    EOS 5D Mark IV連 EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM鏡頭套裝

    EOS RP機身或

    鏡頭轉接器 EF-EOS R乙個電池 LP-E17 乙枚

    EOS RP連 RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM鏡頭套裝

    # 合資格參加者於推廣期內,在該佳能銷售點購買指定EOS RP 機身或鏡頭套裝,即可於購買時在店舖換領鏡頭轉接器 EF-EOS R乙個


換領所需文件 - 香港/澳門身份證持有人

  1. 凡於推廣期內在佳能數碼影像坊陳列室購買佳能指定產品的合資格參加者可於購買時,出示以下所需文件(「文件1」),即可換領禮品:-
    1. 產品記錄卡正本;
    2. 原裝產品包裝盒上機身編號條碼正本;及
    3. 於推廣期內由佳能發出的收據正本。
  2. 凡於推廣期內購買佳能指定產品的合資格參加者可於2019年9月16日或之前於佳能數碼影像坊陳列室或澳門佳能客戶服務中心換領禮品,並須完成以下步驟:-
    1. 註冊成為Club Canon會員(如未成為Club Canon會員之人士);
    2. 於完成步驟有關產品保修登記前,在Club Canon會員帳戶的「接受直接促銷」選項選擇「是」;
    3. 於2019年9月8日或之前完成有關產品保修登記;
    4. 於2019年9月16日或之前換領並出示以下所需文件(「文件2」):-
      1. 換領信之列印本列印換領信 (合資格之參加者將於完成產品保修登記後7個工作天內於Club Canon會員帳戶收到佳能所發出的換領信) ;
      2. 產品記錄卡正本;
      3. 原裝產品包裝盒上機身編號條碼正本;及
      4. 於推廣期內由佳能或佳能指定授權經銷商發出的收據正本。
  3. 第8條及9條不適用於沒有持有有效香港或澳門身份證的人士(「旅客」  )。


換領所需文件 - 旅客

  1. 凡於推廣期內在佳能銷售點購買佳能指定產品組合的旅客,可於2019年9月8日或之前到佳能數碼影像坊陳列室或澳門佳能客戶服務中心出示以下所需文件(「文件3」,與「文件1」、「文件2」及「文件3」統稱為「文件」),即可換領禮品:-
    1. 有效的旅遊證件正本;
    2. 產品記錄卡正本;
    3. 原裝產品包裝盒上機身編號條碼正本;及
    4. 於推廣期內,由佳能或佳能指定授權經銷商發出的收據正本。\



  1. 每購買任何一件指定產品閣下只可換領禮品一次。如指定產品是一件套裝,將被視為一件指定產品。閣下只可為每一型號之指定產品換領一份禮品最多一次。
  2. 地點及時間:

    星期一至星期日: 上午十一時至晚上七時(公眾假期休息) 

  3. 閣下可授權他人代領。代領人必須帶同閣下簽署的換領授權書及出示閣下的身份証明文件副本以作核對,方可代為換領禮品。閣下可按此連結下載授權書:
  4. 如因閣下提供不完整或不正確之資料或閣下未能在2019年9月16日或之前領取禮品,閣下將被視同放棄領取相關禮品權利,而佳能將有獨有及絕對的酌情權取消閣下的領取資格,並將禮品用予任何佳能認可之用途。
  5. 如閣下未能出示文件或所提供的資料與產品保修登記資料不符,恕未能為閣下辦理禮品換領手續。
  6. 原裝產品包裝盒上產品編號條碼正本將會被收取,而產品記錄卡及收據正本將會被蓋章並交還予閣下以表示完成換領。閣下須簽署換領信列印本並交予佳能以完成整個領取程序。簽署後的換領信將不會退還予閣下。
  7. 閣下須為相應佳能指定產品之保修登記本人,佳能指定產品不可用作轉售用途。



  1. 閣下所提供的個人資料會被佳能用作下列一項或多項用途: 
    1. 製作、處理及保存閣下報名資料,活動行政及管理;
    2. 進行統計及研究;及
    3. 任何其他法律所需、容許的其他合法用途。
  2. 提供個人資料屬自願性質。如閣下未能提供足夠資料,閣下或許不能註冊本活動。佳能將根據個人資料(私隱)條例(第486章)及其不時更新的私隱政策(https://hk.canon/en/consumer/web/privacy-policy)處理閣下的個人資料。 

  3. 閣下的個人資料主要被佳能使用,如有需要,有關資料可能會被佳能透露予第三者以用作上述之用途。
  4. 根據個人資料(私隱) 條例(第486章)第1 8 及2 2 條以及附表1 第6 項原則的規定,閣下有權查閱及改正有關個人資料。因應有關要求,佳能可能向閣下收取費用。
  5. 有關查詢閣下的個人資料, 包括查閱及改正,可遁以下渠道查詢: 


  1. 佳能將不負責另行補發任何損毀、遺失或遭盜竊之換領信。
  2. 禮品換領後不設更換不可轉讓或兌換現金及∕或其他貨品。
  3. 所有禮品數量有限,先到先得,換完即止。
  4. 禮品的使用須受其條款及條件或有關商戶的條款及條件約束。
  5. 此活動可與其他推廣優惠、折扣及∕或活動同時使用。
  6. 因佳能或其僱員或其獨立承包商就本活動之行為而引致閣下蒙受任何直接或間接之損失、賠償、費用及開支(包括但不限於任何利潤、節約、商譽、收入或合約的損失,無論有關損失是實際或預期,或任何性質之特殊間接或相應損失)或任何第三方對閣下採取的行動、申索及訴訟,佳能均不負上任何責任。儘管有任何相反的條件或條款,在法律允許的範圍內,無論是依據契約法、侵權法、衡平法或其他的法律基礎,佳能對於由本活動產生或與本活動有關的任何直接損失或損害之總承擔責任上限為港幣$100。
  7. 如因通訊網路之任何問題或技術故障,以及網路系統或電腦軟硬件故障;或因閣下於網上登記時有任何錯漏,而導致任何損失,佳能恕不負責。
  8. 所有登記時間以伺服器接收遞交資料之時間為準,逾期無效。
  9. 佳能未有或延遲行使或執行本條款及條件的任何權利,並不能當作為佳能已放棄該權利或用作為阻止佳能在以後任何時間行使或執行該權利。
  10. 本條款及條件中每一條款應有獨立的強制執行力,其效力不受其他條款之無效性所影響。倘若本條款及條件之任何條款於任何方面被定為無效、非法、不可執行或不能履行的,本條款及條件其它條款之有效性、合法性、可執行及履行性不應因上述情況而在任何方面受到影響。
  11. 佳能保留不時對本條款及條件作出修改、刪除、增加及解釋的權利。
  12. 如有任何爭議,佳能將擁有最終決定權。
  13. 佳能對本活動享有獨有及絕對的權利,包括活動之取消、延期或細節的更改而無須事先通知任何人士。
  14. 任何不屬本活動參加者都不能在法律上執行本條款及條件。
  15. 本條款及條件將受中華人民共和國香港特別行政區(「香港」)的法律管轄及釋義。 與本條款及條件所引起或有關的任何糾紛,閣下均不可撤銷地服從香港法庭的專有司法管轄權。
  16. 本條款及條件的原文為英文,中文譯本只供參考。如有任何歧義或不符,概以英文版本為準。