Operation FAQ
Operation FAQ 2nd Generation
2101. How to select auto density  
2102. How to adjust the image density  
2103. How to select the paper source  
2104. How to enlarge the copy ratio from A4 to A3  
2105. How to make duplex copy with single side originals  
2201. How to fax out a document  
2202. How to use pc fax out a document  
2203. How to cancel the fax transmission  
2204. How to check and print the fax activity report  
2205. How to enable or disable fax transmission report  
2301. How to send the document to email address  
2302. How to scan & send document to group destination  
2303. How to adjust the density for scanning  
2304. How to change the scan resolution  
2305. How to adjust sharpness quality  
2401. How to store the document into mailbox  
2402. How to default black & white printing in mailbox  
2403. How to change color mode setting for printing document from mailbox  
2404. How to delete the document from mailbox  
2405. How to retrieve the file & print from mailbox  
2501. How to change the default printer setting in black & white with single side printing mode  
2502. How to change the default printer setting in black & white with duplex printing mode  
2503. How to change color mode setting before print job submission  
2504. How to fine tune the color quality before print job submission  
2505. How to print in color mode with Microsoft PowerPoint  
2601. How to forward incoming fax to network share folder  
2602. How to forward incoming fax to email address  
2603. How to change the file name under fax forwarding  
2604. How to change the file format under fax forwarding  
2605. How to change the setting when fax forwarding error  
2701. How to add user on ULM  
2702. How to change user email address on ULM  
2703. How to remove user on ULM  
2801. How to check machine meter counter  
2802. How to change the language display in device user interface  
2803. How to adjust device time zone with date & time setting  
2804. How to choose auto paper selection  
2805. How to default paper size setting for multi purpose tray  
2901. How to create & register scan to folder address via RUI  
2902. How to register email address via RUI  
2903. How to backup address book via RUI  
2904. How to import address book via RUI  
2905. How to backup fax forwarding setting via RUI