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What is D-Biz?

D-Biz Background

Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) launches the Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) under the Anti-epidemic Fund to support enterprises to adopt IT solution and develop a mobile office.

Funding Scope and Amount

  • Funding ceiling of each IT solution and the relevant training expenses for employees is HK$100,000.
  • Each eligible enterprise may receive total funding of up to HK$300,000.
  • The solution proposed should be independent with each other. (i.e. proposed by modules)
  • Enterprise can receive 30% of the approved funding amount once funding agreement is signed.
  • Each project should be completed within six month in normal and commenced within one month upon signing of funding agreement.

Application Period

The programme is open for application from 18 May to 31 October 2020.

Canon Solutions
IT Solution Category of D-Biz
Canon Business Mobility Solution
Remote Document Management, Cloud Storage and Remote Access Services #8

Therefore™ Online

  • Flexible subscription-based cloud storage platform
  • Automatic workflow processing which allow approval anytime anywhere
  • Convenient document access, retrieval and sharing
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Virtual Meeting and Conference Tools #9

Live streaming / Video conferencing solution package

  • Presenting high quality live streaming and video conferencing to customer
  • Hassle free package with 4K camcorder, tripod, LED light, wireless microphone and capture device
  • Compatible with various video conferencing software and social platforms
  • FREE on-site setup service
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Virtual team management and communication #10

Antelope MobileWork DX

  • All-in-one mobile working platform includes variety of functions to meet specific business needs
  • Secure instant messaging for person-to-person or group chat
  • Document sharing anytime anywhere to enhance internal collaboration
  • Comprehensive task monitoring to ensure business operate and grow in schedule
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Cybersecurity Solution #11

IT Cybersecurity Solution

  • Offer multi-layered protections by inspecting the traffic
  • Filter, identify and analyze irregular activities based on user behavior
  • Ensure high security from any location, even working from home
  • Provide real-time report to visualize the latest situation
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