Equipment Relocation Service

Disassembly, transportation, connection and set up…etc. involved equipment relocation are always challenges to company when relocating office. Damage or delay lead to production down-time and daily operation failure. Therefore, guarantee of safe delivery and equipment installation are important to secure every step of equipment relocation.

Canon provides professional one-stop Equipment Relocation Service that takes care your Canon equipment from disconnect to re-install as well as inspection by specialist after relocation to ensure all equipments are well performed. The Inclusive insurance coverage eases your relocation hassle.

Equipment Relocation Service includes:
  • Site visit and inspection service in Current Location and New Location if it's applicable
  • Disconnecting equipment power and network cables in current location
  • Uninstalling equipment
  • Wrapping equipment
  • Equipment transportation to new location
  • Connecting power and network cable
  • Equipment set up with agreed configuration and update IP address
  • Running equipment self-test
  • Initiate print job test via print server and / or Fiery, if any
  • Print driver installation for up to 10 desktop computers, if required
Please call Canon Customer Service Hotline at 3191-2323 or contact your Account Manager for details.