Welcome to Statutory Free Removal Service!

Starting from 1st August, 2018, Canon is offering a free REE removal service provided by ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions (Hong Kong) Ltd (referred to as “ALBA” hereafter). Eligible Customer is entitled to enjoy a free, door-to-door removal service to removal a used equipment that is in Hong Kong, and of the same type as that he/she have just bought from Canon.

Customer satisfying the following conditions would be eligible to enjoy the service:

  1. Having bought at least ONE REE  from Canon’s direct sales channel, AND;
  2. Being able to provide a valid invoice issued by Canon, AND;
  3. Being able to make a successful request at Canon Removal Service Web Platform (i.e., this web page) within 30 calendar days since the date of invoice (or date of Delivery, whichever the latest).

To ensure a smooth removal process, please observe the following guidelines before making a service request:

  1. This Service is provided ALBA and is available only from Monday to Saturday, 8am till 7pm.  No Service is available on Sundays or Public Holidays.
  2. Customer is eligible to make only ONE service request with each valid invoice issued by Canon. ALBA will be confirming availability of service within 3 working days since the service request is received.
  3. Customer is entitled to make only ONE change to a confirmed request.   If he/she wishes to change a confirmed request, he/she shall inform Canon via fax or email, at minimally 2 working days before the date of service originally arranged. The original request will be forfeited once a change request is made. No further change request will be entertained if a change request is accepted by Canon.
  4. Customer shall ensure that the used equipment is “accessible” on the date of service. If the removal is made unsuccessful due to the used equipment being inaccessible, such as, but not limited to:
    1. Customer gave an incorrect or incomplete address or contact information;
    2. Security guard/ Building management refrain ALBA from reaching the address;
    3. No one answering the door to ALBA;
    4. Used Equipment is not identified to ALBA, still connected to any other device or being hindered by any object.
    the service will be deemed as completed and no re-do will be offered.


  6. In case of adverse weather, such as when Tropical Cyclone Signal No 8 or when Black Rain Storm signal is in-force, ALL unfinished service will be cancelled.  ALBA will be re-arranging the cancelled services when operation is resumed to normal.
  7. Equipments handed to ALBA will NOT be returned for any reason.   Canon will not be responsible for any lost/ damage to the customer if an unintended equipment is removed by ALBA.
  8. The provision and delivery of this Removal Service is subject to the Terms & Conditions available at service request page.  Canon may update the Terms & Conditions from time to time without prior notification to the customer.