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Photo of the Month
DEC 2015

〈Photo of the Month〉
2016 • February : Jubilant Celebrations

We invite all Club Canon members to submit their best photos and share them with other Club Canon members, theme of the month is " Jubilant Celebrations ". Ten excellent photos will be selected each month by professional photographer, the best work will become the "Photo of the Month" and will have chance to get HK$300 Canon Online Store cash voucher. The member who wins will be rewarded extra loyalty points!

Selected Articles
Capture Exotic Portraits
Most Hong Kong people love traveling. It is a way to getaway from the busy life, relax yourself and take really beautiful pictures. In fact, it is not just the exotic landscape that attracts our eyes, the people we meet on the journey is full of charm too. These encounters can be unexpected and short, so it takes skills and techniques to photograph people well when you travel.
A Guide to Basic Camera Cleaning
Regular cleaning of your camera can ensure shooting quality and prolong the camera’s life. It’s in fact not that difficult to do it your own. Check out the tips below on basic camera and lens cleaning and give your gear a clean from time to time.
Overlooking Discovery Bay from Lo Fu Tau Country Trail
Located in the Northeast of Lantau Island near Discovery Bay, Lo Fu Tau is named because of a giant stone on the top of the hill resembling the shape of a tiger’s head...
Latest Courses and Events
[EOS DSLR Camera] Landscape Photography - Cheung Chau Cherry Blossoms
EOS Movie Video Creation & Production Course
EOS Movie Shooting Course for Beginners
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Warranty Registration

Upon successful product warranty registration within 30 days from the date of purchase, an additional 3-month basic warranty service in Hong Kong and Macau will be offered but the following product categories are excluded: Binoculars, Scanner, Projector, Communication camera, Facsimile and Personal Copier. For details, please click here.

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