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Photo of the Month
NOV 2014
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〈Club Canon Photo of the Month〉2015 ‧ January: Exploring the Wild
We invite all Privilege members to submit their best photos and share them with other Club Canon members, theme of the month is "Exploring the Wild". Ten excellent photos will be selected each month by professional photographer, the best work will become the "Photo of the Month" and will have chance to get their photo framed. The member who wins will be rewarded extra loyalty points and exquisite souvenir!

Selected Articles
Use of Flash – Front and Rear Curtain Sync
Flash is often used to provide supplementary light when photographing in a dim environment. In general, current DSLR cameras use “Rolling Shutter” to control the exposure time...
Canon DCFever EOS Movie Channel & Videoblog.hk Learn to Take Better Video with Loads of Practical Tips and Articles
There is a growing trend for taking videos with DSLR cameras in recent years. Compared to photos, videos can record more of our everyday life. Canon has been developing technologies in this realm for years, and has already incorporated a Full HD EOS Movie Shooting function in many of its DSLR cameras to help users record funny everyday moments with ease.
Shooting Tips for Double Exposure Portraits
Normal double exposure is not a new thing to most of us. To give it a twist, we will share how to create interesting double exposure portraits in this article.
Latest Courses and Events
"Canon IXUS Kids Snapping" Creative Photography Course for Kids
EOS Movie Shooting Course for Beginners
[G/S Club Exclusive] PowerShot Star Shooting Experience Workshop
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EOS-1D X Grey Tee
Warranty Registration

Upon successful product warranty registration within 30 days from the date of purchase, an additional 3-month basic warranty service in Hong Kong and Macau will be offered but the following product categories are excluded: Binoculars, Scanner, Projector, Communication camera, Facsimile and Personal Copier. For details, please click here.

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