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Photo of the Month
SEP 2014
Category : Landscape
Camera : EOS 70D
Lens : EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
Date : 2014-SEP-11
Rating :
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Long Exposure Photography Skills for National Day Fireworks
A zoom lens can offer more flexibility than a prime lens for firework photography. We can change the lens’ focal length to achieve the ideal composition quickly for different sizes and scales of fireworks. For example, the wide end can be used to include the surrounding buildings in the composition...
Understanding EF Lens Naming Terminology
The name of every Canon EF Lens is made up of a bunch of numbers and letters that tell you something about the lens. By making sense of the naming formula, you can instantly get to know the characteristics of different lenses. Basically, a lens name comprises 4 components indicating the lens type, focal length...
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HKIPP x Canon "Waves3" Photo Sharing Seminar - Lights And Shadows On The Majestic Glass Walls
This course is offered in Cantonese only.

HKIPP x Canon "Waves3" Photo Sharing Seminar - Qinghai‧Fly-Under
This course is offered in Cantonese only.