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Photo of the Month
DEC 2016

〈Photo of the Month〉
2017 • March : The Grace of Flowers

Selected Articles
A Land of Tranquility - Lau Shui Heung Reservoir
Situated near Lau Shui Heung Village in the northeast of New Territories, the serene and picturesque Lau Shui Heung ...
Seize the Best Timing to Shoot! Understanding the Change of Hue at Night
A successful nighttime image requires both shooting skills and a right timing to shoot. Seize the chance to shoot with the best lighting possible when the day turns into darkness in one short hour.
Guide to Panning Photography to Create a Sense of Speed
To many photography beginners, Manual mode (M Mode) seems to be a more advanced shooting mode than Shutter-Priority (Tv Mode) or Aperture-Priority (Av Mode) modes. But this is just a common misperception. In fact, we should know when to use the different shooting modes...
Latest Courses and Events
DPP 4 RAW Editing Software and EOS Imaging Software Application Workshop
EOS Master Class: Portrait Photography by Ming Chan
EOS Master Class: Portrait Photography by Lawrence Tsang
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Upon successful ATPP registration with Club Canon. You will be able to enjoy oversea repair and equipment loan services in selected Asian regions. Express delivery service is also available in Japan.

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