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Photo of the Month
OCT 2016

〈Photo of the Month〉
2016 • November : Glamour of the Night

Selected Articles
Capture Gorgeous Autumn Sunsets
We eat what is in season; and the same applies to photography as well. We photograph flowers in spring, blue sky and sea in summer. How about the autumn season...
The Qinghai-Tibetan Photo Story by Photowriter Celia Cheng
Travel photos are just a record of the memorable moments to most people; but to photowriter Celia Cheng, they are also a record of the stories she encounters on travel. Celia revisited Qinghai and Tibet...
Shooting in the Rain
Photo on a sunny day is always attractive, as the color, white balance and sharpness of the picture get enhanced easily. However, a rainy day doesn’t mean a bad day for photography. Take your camera and go explore how many photo opportunities you can have in the rain.
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[NEW] Nightscape Photography with EOS Digital SLR Camera
[NEW] Introduction to Astrophotography with EOS Digital SLR Camera
[NEW] Portrait Photography with EOS Digital SLR Camera
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