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Reliability of Genuine
Canon cartridges and refilled cartridges

There are a number of refilled inkjet cartridges intended for use with Canon inkjet printers sold in the market. Such refilled cartridges are mostly sold at lower prices than genuine Canon inkjet cartridges. Sometimes, however, refilled cartridges have problems in practice, for example

  1. Streaking, fading, color mix and ink leakage happened, unable to enjoy the originally designed performance on the printer or decreased print quality
  2. Less page yield than genuine cartridges
  3. A fee will be charged even within the warranty term for repairing loss or damage to the printer arising from or in connection with use of non-genuine inkjet cartridges

Genuine Canon ink cartridges are developed specifically for Canon inkjet printers. To ensure the stable use of Canon inkjet printer by keeping its performance, Canon recommends you to use genuine Canon ink cartridges.

Genuine Canon cartridges produced 1.8 times more pages
Canon commissioned TÜV SÜD PSB Pte, Ltd., the globally-trusted independent testing organization, to examine and compare the page yield and reliability of genuine Canon ink cartridges and refilled inkjet cartridges*. Genuine Canon cartridges clearly demonstrated higher reliability and produced more page yield than refilled cartridges.

* More information about the results including detailed test conditions and the regions and countries where the test was conducted is available from: http://www.tuv-sud-psb.sg/reportdisclaimer.aspx

Refilled cartridges had problems
From the results of the study by TÜV SÜD PSB, none of genuine Canon ink cartridges tested were found to be problem cartridges. On the other hand, 56% of the refilled inkjet cartridges exposed its unreliable quality problems as shown here. These problems may come to anyone who buys or uses refilled cartridges for their inexpensive prices.

Unreliable quality problems from refilled cartridges: