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The Mount Davis Batteries are military remnants located on the summit area of Mount Davis on Hong Kong Island. These were the defense batteries to protect the western districts of Hong Kong Island during the Second World War. Artilleries have long been removed, leaving this place with the remains of gun emplacements, bomb shelters and other traces.


To visit Mount Davis Batteries, you can take Citybus Route 5 at Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, get off at the terminal stop and then walk uphill along Mount Davis Path. Although this is a flat trail with clear directional signs, we still suggest to bring adequate water and snacks as it is an uphill walk that takes around 30 minutes. The remains of Mount Davis Batteries and various military remnants are rather scattered across the hill, so be patient to look out for them.
This gun emplacement remnant adjacent to the Lion Pavilion is of smaller scale. You can drop by if you walk past the Lion Pavilion.
There are many sideways along the main trail. These are actually shortcuts to go downhill. Be explorative, take a stroll on one of these sideways and you may discover some hidden remains.
Walk further uphill and you will see a larger scaled gun emplacement remnant. The rubbish and graffiti here have ruined the original appearance of this historic remain. (so please remember to bring your rubbish back)
This recently constructed wooden bridge near the Jockey Club Mount Davis Youth Hostel offers great views of the nature.

If you plan to visit Mount Davis Batteries, please reserve more time as it will be getting difficult to go downhill in the dark.
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