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Photography Tips



Photo Techniques

A Guide to Perfect Pet Photography

Every pet owner loves their pets and wants to capture their adorable faces and actions with photos to treasure for years to come. No wonder pet photography is always a popular topic. However, as a Cantonese saying goes: “The louder you call, the farther they run”...

Photo Techniques

Photographing Places with No One Present

Does the place in the photo above look familiar but strange? This is Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok, one of the busiest streets in Hong Kong. It looks strange because we seldom see this place with no one around during daytime. This kind of photo captures the desolate moment of the world and looks surreal. Let’s check out the shooting skills and tips on how to capture an empty street.


Happy • Get Together

Sharing happiness is way better than enjoying it by your own. Get together with your family and friends and let the index of happiness climb exponentially! Same for photography, it is easier to convey the sense of happiness in your photos when photographing a group of two or more people. The following tips on shooting technique can help you capture photos of happy get together in an unconventional way.


Travel and Shoot Stunning Japan Scenery

Japan has everything for everyone – from natural scenery to shopping and city life. No matter which month you visit Japan, there is beautiful scenery awaiting you to capture – from Sakura blossom in spring, blue summer sky and sea, red leaves in late autumn to snowy winter – each season has its own charm to be discovered!

Photo Techniques

DIY Studio Product Shots

To sell products online, an attractive product shot is key. This article will show you how to DIY studio product shots without spending a fortune to purchase any specialized equipment!


Record Your Kids’ Growth Journey with Photography

To record the precious growth moments of kids with photos has become an important matter for many parents. As kids are agile and nimble, and their facial expressions are unpredictable, it’s a bit challenging to capture the ideal shots in a split moment. Learn the basic shooting skills and tips suggested in this article to make it easier to capture the lovely moments!