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Photo Techniques

Getting Ready for Your Trip – Travel Photography Tips

Photo Techniques

Use of Fisheye Lens for Playful Images

A high quality lens should deliver not only exceptional quality, but also effective correction of image distortion. The apparent barrel distortion that commonly occurs with wide-angle lenses requires even more advanced optical technologies to correct. However, this principle doesn’t apply to fisheye lenses...

Photo Techniques

Tips for Tasty Indoor Food Photography

It’s becoming a trend that people take pictures of food first when eating out. The moment you walk into a restaurant, get seated till the food arrives at your table...

Photo Techniques

Wide Angle Prime Lens for Easy Street Snapshot

When it comes to street photography, prime lenses with 35mm or 50mm focal lengths are the traditional choices of lenses due to benefits of an easy-to-carry compact size and a perspective close to that of the human eye for more candid result. In this article we will introduce something different. EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM wide angle prime lens that offers a wider focal length and unique...


Autumn’s Insect Story

The crisp autumn breeze is in the air and it is time for some hiking. Apart from appreciating the beautiful natural landscape, you can also take a relaxing walk in the greenery and search for the autumn’s insects, capturing the life of insects with your camera and lenses.

Photo Techniques

Beginner’s Guide: Understanding Metering Mode

“Light” is an indispensable element in photography. To achieve an accurate exposure, we adjust the camera’s settings such as aperture and shutter speed so that the right amount of light enters into the camera. “Metering Mode” refers to...


Celia Cheng’s “Hola, South America!” Travel Photography Sharing Seminar Event Highlights

Passionate in traveling, Hongkongers take the chance to travel abroad whenever there is long holiday. To many travelers, South America with many of the world wonders is one of the dream destinations that should be visited once in a lifetime. Photowriter Celia Cheng has just held a “Hola, South America!” photo exhibition...