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Photography Tips

Photo Techniques

Easy Tools for Dreamy Bokeh!


Wait and Catch the Perfect Action
Bird Photography Skills and Tactics

Hong Kong is home to many different species of birds, and the city’s favorable geographical location offer a perfect habitat...


Catching the Sunrise

Plan your year in spring and your day at dawn. The light of the morning sun is symbolic of hope, and no wonder it has always been the favorite subject for photo lovers...


Fall Photography: Golden Silver Grass Field

While the vivid red leaves are for sure the most favorable foliage to photograph in late Autumn, the golden silver grass...




Photo Techniques

Ball of Light Photography Guide

Light painting photography has been gaining popularity for a while now and should not be unfamiliar to photo lovers. This article will share tips on how to create “Ball of Light”...


Capture a Bright Blue Sky

We see a blue sky but it is hard to capture it with camera sometimes. Very often you just wind up with a dull white sky. In fact, to capture a bright blue sky is not really that difficult. All it takes is choosing the right direction for lighting and some shooting techniques.