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Photo Techniques

新手教學 理解及設定白平衡


Skills for Capturing the Busy Night Traffic

Hong Kong remains a bustling city even at nightfall. The lighted up buildings, busy traffic, multicolored neon signs with people thronging the streets become the city’s unique and iconic nightscape. To capture beautiful night shots of this vibrant city, we have to know the place so as to decide what camera settings or shooting method work best for it. Let’s check out some of the useful skills and tips below.

Photo Techniques

Flexible Control on Photo’s Exposure with AE Lock Button

Have you ever noticed that problem of over- or under-exposure may arise when you move your camera to frame your shot after focusing on the subject? You may aware ...

Photo Techniques

Photography on Streets and Alleys

A city is made up of many components, for example skyscrapers of various kinds, fast-walking pedestrians, vehicles whipping by and more. One thing in common is that they can all be found on streets and alleys. These streets and alleys may look ordinary to people who are busy making a living,


Shooting Tips for Double Exposure Portraits

Normal double exposure is not a new thing to most of us. To give it a twist, we will share how to create interesting double exposure portraits in this article.

Photo Techniques

Tips for Tasty Indoor Food Photography

It’s becoming a trend that people take pictures of food first when eating out. The moment you walk into a restaurant, get seated till the food arrives at your table...


Seize the Best Timing to Shoot! Understanding the Change of Hue at Night

A successful nighttime image requires both shooting skills and a right timing to shoot. Seize the chance to shoot with the best lighting possible when the day turns into darkness in one short hour.