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The Great Wall in Hong Kong - Photo Trip at Wa Shan, Sheung Shui

Sunset at Wa Shan
Have you ever heard about Wa Shan in Hong Kong? Situated between New Territories North and Shenzhen with hill paths winding through Sheung Shui to Ping Yeung, Wa Shan is also known as the “Great Wall in Hong Kong”. Unobstructed views can be enjoyed from the summit, spanning from Sheung Shui and Ng Tung River in the New Territories towards the south and splendid city view of China towards the north.

Take bus 73K at Landmark North in Sheung Shui and get off at Fu Tei Au, you will see the starting point right opposite to where you get off. The path to Wa Shan is mostly on concrete road and pretty straight forward without too many intersections. Since the path goes upslope mostly and is uncovered by weeds, it is quite physically demanding if you visit on a sunny day. So remember to go with enough water.
Take bus 73K and get off at Fu Tei Au. Cross the road and follow the path uphill
After a few minutes walk you will arrive at a junction. Take the left path uphill (i.e. the path where the van parked at the time of photo taking)
The hiking route to Wa Shan can extend to Ping Yeung and is 6km in total length. If you only take photos at Wa Shan, you can end your trip at the section near Wa Shan Village. This section alone is about 1.5km long and takes about 30-45 minutes on walk.
You will arrive at this little forest after about 30-minute walk. Sheltered by tall trees and with benches, this is a pretty good location to take photos of Sheung Shui area
Continue the walk for another 15 minutes and you will see this giant rock with Chinese writing on it. Here you can take photos of high-rise buildings in Shenzhen at the opposite shore
A look at the direction of Shenzhen from the spot of giant rock
The curvy path on the ridge resembles the “Great Wall” on the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen
These four Chinese characters written by someone on the giant rock now becomes a road sign at Wa Shan
San Uk Ling Firing Ground
The container depot near Shenzhen
Sheung Shui area
The path after leaving the little forest offers unobstructed views of both sides of the border
A panoramic view of Sheung Shui (merged from 3 photos)
Shenzhen after sunset
Sheung Shui after sunset
Beautiful twilight after sunset
Nightscape of Shenzhen when the city starts to light up
After shooting, take the same route back to Fu Tei Au and take bus 73K or minibus back to Sheung Shui. If you are looking for different sunset views in Hong Kong, Wa Shan should be your next destination!
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