DIY Studio Product Shots

DIY Studio Product Shots

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DIY Studio Product Shots

To sell products online, an attractive product shot is key. This article will show you how to DIY studio product shots without spending a fortune to purchase any specialized equipment!

Required tools

Camera:EOS 6D
Other items:Laptop X 1, black reflective surface (such as a book cover) X 1, A4 white paper X 1, lamp/torch X 1, file clip X 2

Shooting procedure

1. Search on the internet for “Bokeh” photos and select one that you like.
2. Use the laptop screen as background: Display the bokeh photo in full screen, place the product on a reflective surface and in front of the screen. To avoid a backlit subject as the screen illuminates, we should fill the subject with torch light from the side. For softer light, insert a piece of A4 white paper between the torch and subject.
The paper can be stood on the table by bending it a bit and using 2 file clips on the lower corners.
Bending the laptop screen to less than 90 degrees can reflect light onto the book surface. The differences are shown as below:

The distance between the torch and paper should not be too close. If the torch is placed too close, the light spot falling on the paper will be tiny, resulting in hard light (the smaller the area of light source, the harder the light texture). On the contrary, a farther distance will create softer light. The difference are shown as below (see the reflection on the silver cap):

Camera settings

For camera settings, we should not use an aperture too large (such as f/1.4) to avoid a shallow depth of field failing to capture the whole product in clarity. Nor should we use an aperture too small (such as f/16) to avoid bringing the image on laptop screen in focus. In general, an aperture of f/4 to f/8 can be used. Set the ISO to 100 for the sharpest result with minimal noise.

Besides, as the torch light would not be too strong, a slower speed of shutter will be needed. Therefore, we have to use a tripod to prevent shaking that may lead to a blurry image.
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