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Chasing the Aurora Borealis in Iceland

A natural spectacle only happens in wintertime, aurora borealis can be spotted between September and March every year, sometimes till April if you are lucky. Picking a right location is the first thing to do to see the aurora borealis. Regions within the Arctic Circle have a better chance to see, such as the northern part of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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Cultivate Good Photography Habits to Capture the Funny Moments!

You probably won’t be surprising if I tell you that a good pet photo needs to be taken at the right time, the right place with the right person and the right mood of your pets.

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Key Tips for Capturing Impressive Pet Photos

Ever wonder what makes a great photo? To all pet lovers, it can simply mean capturing the adorable moments of pets in ev...

Photo Techniques

Have Fun with Your Camera! Pet Photography Beyond Auto Mode

Let’s make better use of our cameras’ functions to capture great pet shots. If you currently rely mostly on Auto Mode and are dissatisfactory with your photos, this article will help you greatly. Learn several basic and simple skills and methods and see the big improvement yourself!

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Catwalk Photography Experience

Photo Techniques

Take Pet Photos Like a Pro with Proper Lighting

Pet owners are always the best pet photographers, because you guys spend time with them every day and live a life together. Pet photographer Cass is going to share everything you need to know to take pet photos like a pro, such as the mindset and mentality towards pet photography, simple yet practical skills, application of photographic knowledge and even some queer but useful tips!

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Capture the Flowing Clouds - Daytime Long Exposure Guide

Photography is more than just about keeping a photo record of the daily life. It’s fun as it can create images that are invisible to the naked eyes. Long exposure photography is one of the techniques to achieve this. Long exposure can capture the trace of movement, and is thus often used in capturing subjects like traffic trail or star trail.