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Photography Tips


DIY Your Little Festive Surprises with SELPHY


Use of Flash – Front and Rear Curtain Sync

Flash is often used to provide supplementary light when photographing in a dim environment. In general, current DSLR cameras use “Rolling Shutter” to control the exposure time...

Photo Techniques

Flexible Control on Photo’s Exposure with AE Lock Button

Have you ever noticed that problem of over- or under-exposure may arise when you move your camera to frame your shot after focusing on the subject? You may aware ...

Photo Techniques

World-first EOS 6D Mark II Astrophotography time-lapse

Well, we had this extra special exciting news about EOS 6D Mark II, and we wanted to do something extra special exciting...


Insightful Tips from Photography Guru: Capture the Shimmering Nightscape of Hong Kong

Our city’s landscape is constantly changing under rapid development with heritage buildings and old communities being demolished or re-developed. Photography is a way to record this change. Despite...


Capture It Fast A Guide to Lightning Photography

Among all natural landscapes, lightning is probably the most surprising and rewarding type of photography because it’s unpredictable. We never know where it appears and have no control on its brightness and intensity.


In Chase of Holy Light and Shadow Shooting Tips for Crepuscular Rays

Crepuscular rays, also called “Jesus rays”, are columns of sunlight that appear to radiate from the sky. This is formed when sun rays, which stream through edges or gaps in clouds, light up the haze or dust particles in the atmosphere......