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Photography Tips




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Record Your Kids’ Growth Journey with Photography

To record the precious growth moments of kids with photos has become an important matter for many parents. As kids are agile and nimble, and their facial expressions are unpredictable, it’s a bit challenging to capture the ideal shots in a split moment. Learn the basic shooting skills and tips suggested in this article to make it easier to capture the lovely moments!


Exploring the Wild Beautiful Mountain Landscape

Although the bustling city life offers a lot of photography topics such as glamorous nightscape, sometimes it is good to take a refreshing break from it by trekking through the woods and rivers, enjoying the beauty of nature and capture the spectacular landscape with your camera.


The Essential Guide to Filters for Landscape Photography

Filters are essential tools when it comes to landscape photography. Applying filters of different types can enhance your photos instantly without the hassles of post-editing. More importantly, these tools can achieve effects that cannot be replicated by post-editing. This makes the use of filters an essential technique to learn for serious landscape lovers.

Photo Techniques

Long Exposure Photography Skills for Lunar New Year Fireworks

A zoom lens can offer more flexibility than a prime lens for firework photography. We can change the lens’ focal length to achieve the ideal composition quickly for different sizes and scales of fireworks. For example, the wide end can be used to include the surrounding buildings in the composition...


Catching the Sunrise

Plan your year in spring and your day at dawn. The light of the morning sun is symbolic of hope, and no wonder it has always been the favorite subject for photo lovers...