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Large Aperture Prime Lens for Everyday Snapshot Lovers

When a newborn joins the family, many parents would have plans to capture the precious growth journey of their kids with a good camera...

Photo Techniques

新手教學 理解及設定白平衡



Celia Cheng’s “Hola, South America!” Travel Photography Sharing Seminar Event Highlights

Passionate in traveling, Hongkongers take the chance to travel abroad whenever there is long holiday. To many travelers, South America with many of the world wonders is one of the dream destinations that should be visited once in a lifetime. Photowriter Celia Cheng has just held a “Hola, South America!” photo exhibition...

Photo Techniques

Feel the Passing of Time Basic Technique on Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse is a fast-motion movie effect created by joining a series of images of the same scene or object taken continu...


便攜遠․攝蝶組合 捕捉蝴蝶舞動一刻

香港的蝴蝶品種超過二百多種,例如像仙子般的鳳蝶科 Papilionidae,像飛蛾的弄蝶科 Hesperiidae,像指甲大小的灰蝶科 Lycaenidae,還有最大科屬的蛺蝶科 Nymphalidae,如果擁有好像EF 100-400mm...


Photographing Kids: Basic Tips Sharing from a Dad’s Perspective

September is a challenging and memorable month to kids new to school and parents alike, as there are so many precious fi...


Catching the Sunrise

Plan your year in spring and your day at dawn. The light of the morning sun is symbolic of hope, and no wonder it has always been the favorite subject for photo lovers...