Enjoy the Sounds of Wave Splashing Photo Trip at Sheung Luk Stream and Tai Long Sai Wan

Enjoy the Sounds of Wave Splashing Photo Trip at Sheung Luk Stream and Tai Long Sai Wan

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Enjoy the Sounds of Wave Splashing
Photo Trip at Sheung Luk Stream and Tai Long Sai Wan

Sai Kung is known as the “back garden of Hong Kong” for its splendid and rich natural scenery. Tai Long Wan, in particular, is a scenic location for hiking, camping and photography. Tai Long Wan comprises four beaches namely Tung Wan, Tai Wan, Ham Tin Wan and Sai Wan from the east to west. Rumor has it that it is so named because rolling waves are formed along the flat and shallow shoreline here. As the aim of our visit this time is to photograph, we won’t go visit these beaches one by one (total length is about 12km), but a trip to Sai Wan and the nearby Sheung Luk Stream instead (total length is about 2km).

Starting from Luk Wu plateau, Sheung Luk Stream running from the west to east and ends at Tai Long Sai Wan is one of the nine biggest streams in Hong Kong. This scenic spot is surrounded by trees and rocks and blessed with abundant water throughout the year. However, as the stream is deep and there is no official hiking trail to access this place, it is kind of dangerous for inexperienced hikers to walk on the rocks along the stream. We’ll introduce a relatively safer route in this article, which is to arrive at Sai Wan via Lo Tei Tun and Sai Wan Road, and then head up to Four Pools from the bottom of the stream.
Both paths at Sai Wan Pavilion can lead us to Sai Wan. The one on the right is a well-paved concrete road that goes through Sai Wan village. This time we’ll take the left path to arrive at Sai Wan via Lo Tei Tun. While both trails are of similar length, we can enjoy views of the opposite side from the summit if we choose the left muddy path.
Path to the summit
The summit
The protruding land on the far end is Cheung Tsui – a challenging route for hiking enthusiasts. Next to it is Tung Wan and Tai Wan from far to near
Sai Wan comes into sight soon after we head down
The wood area just before we go down
From here, turn left to Sheung Luk Stream and right to Sai Wan
The warning sign before entering the stream. It is advised that you wear a pair of antiskid shoes and avoid stepping on the wet and slippery ground
Arrive at the stream. Walk a bit further and you’ll see Four Pools. It takes about 5 minutes to arrive here from the junction on foot. Inexperienced hikers are not advised to walk up further
As multiple streams converges at Sheung Luk Stream, this area is blessed with abundant water all year round
The stone bridge to Ham Tin Wan  
After taking photos of the stream, we can take a walk on the stone bridge and follow the stone steps up to Ham Tin Wan. From there, we can take photos of the beach from a higher point
The stone steps mentioned above where you can take photos of the beach. Follow the stone steps to reach Ham Tin Wan
Rolling waves are formed along the flat and shallow shoreline
The view of Sai Wan from the stone steps
To exit, you can take the same route back or go to Sai Wan Pavilion via Sai Wan village
Sai Wan village
Walk straight ahead when you reach the junction to Sai Wan Pavilion
Upon arriving at Sai Wan Pavilion, you can take the village bus to go back to Sai Kung. The last bus departs at 5:30pm on Sundays and Public Holidays, and 4:30pm on weekdays and Saturdays. Bus comes every 20-30 minutes. Be aware that the village bus has very limited seats. So head back a bit earlier and reserve some time for waiting if you don’t want to leave by taxi or van, or worse, on foot.

Tai Long Sai Wan has a long coastline and the waves here are big. This place is wild and spacious and sparsely visited, making it a perfect destination to enjoy the splashing waves and escape from the hustling city life. Plan a visit to this beautiful place to satisfy your eyes, ears and mind!
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