Tram Photography – A Relaxing and Elegant Way to Travel and Photograph around the Town

Tram Photography – A Relaxing and Elegant Way to Travel and Photograph around the Town

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Tram Photography – A Relaxing and Elegant Way to Travel and Photograph around the Town

The living pace in Hong Kong is fast, and we demand high speed in transportation too. The slow going tram, by comparison, is like a gentleman walking nobly on the street and living out his own unique lifestyle. The tram came into service on Hong Kong Island dating back to hundred years ago, and is one of the earliest forms of public transport in Hong Kong. Getting around on Hong Kong Island on tram is an interesting experience as you can observe and photograph the lives of people in a relaxing way without needing to worry about the sun and rain.

Tram Routes

There are six major tram routes in Hong Kong. As we want to spend more time on tram and travel so much as possible to various shooting spots, we suggest to take the longest route that runs from Shau Kei Wan to the terminus Kennedy Town. You can get on the tram at the terminus located on Main Street East, which can be reached by 1-minute walk from Shau Kei Wan MTR Station Exit C. Choose a seat that gives you the best view and angle to shoot.

Photographic Subjects


Different from taking snap shots on the street, you can enjoy a new shooting angle to take photos of the streetscape from the upper deck of the tram. Shooting from a special and unobtrusive angle will allow you to take natural-looking streetscape photos of various interesting subjects such as the old architecture in Central, the passing tram or the lives of pedestrians.
Observe closely and you’ll see it is not uncommon that someone is riding a bicycle or pulling a trolley across the tram tracks on the wide traffic road –a scene of the old Hong Kong
A tram driver leaning out and having a chat with colleague
The tram travels slowly along Hennessy Road and “Tung Tak Pawn Shop”, a landmark in Wan Chai with 60 years of history, will come into view

Getting out of the Tram to Shoot

For more diversity, apart from shooting from the inside of the tram, you can also get off the tram for a different perspective. Be reminded that the driving direction of tram is different from that of other vehicles on the road. Please always put your safety first when shooting on the road.
The front and back designs of a tram are similar. A shot taken from behind the tram can create a feeling that you are taking photos of an approaching tram. Besides, each tram ride costs a flat fare no matter where you get on the tram

Tram Compartment Details and Activities of Passengers

Nowadays, most trams are new models except Tram 120 which maintains the original 1949 design. Serious photo enthusiasts can wait to board the tram 120 at the terminus for a nostalgic ride and enjoy the compartment details.
The nostalgic tram 120

The Stair Design of New Car

Take a seat on the upper deck and you’ll discover many interactions and activities. Most tram passengers are not rushing for time. Instead they may just want to take a rest and think during the ride. Pay attention to also the passengers on the passing trams and you’ll be surprised by their expressions and interactions.
It takes almost an hour to travel from Sheu Kei Wan to Kennedy Town by tram. It may not be fast, but it surely is an unforgettable experience sitting inside a tram to explore the neighborhoods and streetscape of Hong Kong.
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