Photo Trip to Three Famous Bridges in Hong Kong

Photo Trip to Three Famous Bridges in Hong Kong

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Photo Trip to Three Famous Bridges in Hong Kong

With hilly natural terrain and scarce developable flatland, Hong Kong, though small, is among the world’s top in transportation network density and has constructed a number of world’s famous bridges. This photo trip will take you to three well-known bridges in Hong Kong, namely Ting Kau Bridge, Stonecutters Bridge and Tsing Ma Bridge, where you can enjoy a great variety of photographic topics with beautiful, sweeping views of the sky and sea. A not-to-be-missed trip for photo lovers to capture the magnificence of these constructions from different angles and times in a day.

Ting Kau Bridge

We joined the instructor and participants of Landscape Photography Course to visit the three bridges. Take minibus 96C, 96M or 96S from Tsuen Wan MTR station, or bus route 53 or 234B from Tsuen Wan West station and get off at Castle Peak Road to reach the starting point Ting Kau Beach which is located on the east of Sham Tseng. You are recommended to check the tide chart at the Hong Kong Observatory website before departure and wear sneakers to protect your feet from injuries from the shells on the beach.

Ting Kau Bridge came into full view once we arrived at the beach. We took photos of this cable-stayed bridge with a wide-angle lens and from a low angle to best reveal its structure and sense of significance. Some useful suggestions from our instructor were to include the beachside trees and blue sky to enrich the composition, and capture the bridge’s reflection on low tide.
At a total length of 1,177m, Ting Kau Bridge features a fan design with cables running directly from the top of its three towers to the bridge deck. Shooting from a low angle can best reveal the amazing fan-like pattern
Participant taking photo of the bridge from a low angle
Shooting on overcast day may result in blurry photos easily due to the insufficient ambient light. Our instructor shared tips of shooting on a cloudy day and the preferred camera settings based on the weather on the day of our visit

Stonecutters Bridge

The second destination of our photo trip was the Stonecutters Bridge – the cable-stayed bridge with the longest span in Hong Kong crossing the Rambler Channel. To access, take minibus 88M from Kwai Fong MTR station and get off at Sinopec Station after turning into the container terminals, then walk along Tsing Sheung Road to the seaside. Located on the entrance to the busy Kwai Tsing Container Terminals, Stonecutters Bridge constitutes a major part of Route 8 between Tsing Yi and Cheung Sha Wan. Looking up from underneath the bridge, the bridge frame in the shape of boxes resembling a film negative made an interesting object to shoot with the blue sky as backdrop.
Shooting from underneath the bridge can best convey its magnificence
It’s not easy to take a good shot due to the huge lighting contrast between the bridge and the sky. A tip from the instructor was to use the in-camera Auto Exposure Bracketing function to take three images consecutively with normal, under- and over-exposure
Our instructor teaching participants on setting the exposure value
The control tower at the container terminals is also a good topic to shoot
Our instructor encouraged participants to frame boldly and try taking photos of the extensive steel bars of the bridge deck and cables with a vertical camera
The geometric patterns and lines of the bridge make a special composition

Tsing Ma Bridge

At the last stop of our photo trip, we arrived at Sai Tso Wan in Tsing Yi – the prime location to take photos of the beautiful sunset and the majestic Tsing Ma Bridge. Sai Tso Wan, or Sin Tso Wan, is a bay in the west shore of Tsing Yi island in the New Territories. It has several heavy industry facilities, such as oil storages and docks, and attracts many photo lovers to come because of its favorable location being close to the Tsing Ma Bridge. To access, take minibus 88M from Kwai Fong MTR station to the final stop at Hongkong United Dockyards. Walk through a narrow passage to a lawn, then head to the stone beach by the sea. Pay attention to your safety as waves may splash over some shooting locations which are close to the sea. Make sure to check the sunset time at the Hong Kong Observatory website as well before you go to ensure you are there in time to capture the Magic Moment.
Tsing Ma Bridge is the longest suspension bridge with both rail and road traffic in the world and was listed as one of the “Top Ten Architectural Achievements of the 20th Century”. This magnificent construction looks spectacular especially with the changing sunset hues
The stone beach at Sai Tso Wan is a perfect location to photograph the Tsing Ma Bridge. When we arrived, many photo lovers were already there to get ready for the sunset
Tripods were set up before the sunset came
A moment of serenity when the Tsing Ma Bridge and the residential buildings on Ma Wan lighted up after the sky turned dark
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