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Flexible Control on Photo’s Exposure with AE Lock Button
Have you ever noticed that problem of over- or under-exposure may arise when you move your camera to frame your shot after focusing on the subject? You may aware ...
Question from Beginner: Should I Be Shooting RAW?
RAW and JPEG are both common photo formats. When put in comparison, RAW can record more image data than JPEG and is thus considered giving higher quality images. But how big is the difference in quality and does everyone need to be shooting RAW?
Extend Your Reach Flexibly with Extender
Although the weather is getting cold in December, Hong Kong, blessed with its warm climate, is the ideal place for migrating birds to escape from the frigid areas...
The Essential Guide to Filters for Landscape Photography
Filters are essential tools when it comes to landscape photography. Applying filters of different types can enhance your photos instantly without the hassles of post-editing. More importantly, these tools can achieve effects that cannot be replicated by post-editing. This makes the use of filters an essential technique to learn for serious landscape lovers.
Use of Tilt-Shift Lens for Architectural and Landscape Photography
Tilt-shift lens can change the optical axis directly. If offers two functions, namely Shift function that alters the extracted area of the image circle and Tilt function that changes the depth of field ...