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Authentic Portraits by Professional Photographer Francesca L Manner and Posture Tips before the Camera
Francesca L has developed a keen interest in photography since she was a university student. Immediately after graduation she devoted herself in the field of photojournalism and recorded news events of various kinds...
The Qinghai-Tibetan Photo Story by Photowriter Celia Cheng
Travel photos are just a record of the memorable moments to most people; but to photowriter Celia Cheng, they are also a record of the stories she encounters on travel. Celia revisited Qinghai and Tibet...
In search of aesthetic harmony - Ulso Tsang
The name Ulso Tsang may not ring a bell with you, but there is a good chance you would recognize his photographs. Ulso’s work includes many well-known photographs of properties and interior designs taken for advertising and magazines. This time, Club Canon has the honor to talk to the top architectural and interior design photographer who shared with us how he got into this profession, his work experience and industry expertise.
Telling news story through pictures: media photographer, Poon Tat Man
The success of the Beijing Olympics raised the enthusiasm for sports among the public in Hong Kong. Did the Paralympics which followed still caused public interest? As a professional photographer, Poon Tat Man attended the Paralympics as always, to record the courage and determination of the disabled athletes.
I Have My Faith - Interviewing portrait photographer Winnie Yeung
Professional photographer, Winnie Yeung compares herself to a match. Small may it be, it can shine in the dark...