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Kenny Chung
Working for over 20 years in video production.
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Joseph Fung
Joseph Fung has devoted himself in the nurturing the new generation of photographers in Hong Kong for over 30 years.
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Harlim Djauhar Winata
With more than twenty-five years of experience in professional photography...
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Ming N.
A professional fashion photographer, one of the founders of Hong Kong Professional Photographers Network (HKPPN) and was majored in Journalism and Communications in college.
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King Yan Tsai
King Yan Tsai was educated in Japan in a photography academy in 1970's...
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Sam Ng
Working in printing related industry for almost 10 years with in-depth knowledge in printing technology and color management.
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Arnold Lee
Graduated from Vancouver Film School, Arnold is a multi-media and visual artist with 20 years of photography experience...
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Canon Pro
Canon Hongkong Company Limited
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