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Kai Kung Leng Photo Trip - Fish Pond Sunset in the Northwest New Territories
The vast area of fish ponds in the Northwest New Territories near Shenzhen River have been producing a great variety of freshwater fish species including the famous Jinga Shrimp to feed Hong Kong since 1950s. However, for photo lovers, those west-facing fish ponds located in Kai Kung Leng makes the perfect sunset photography location when the water shows golden reflections during the sunset hours.
Top Three Flower Photography Destinations In Northern Kanto, Japan
Sakura trees lining along streets and riverbanks are typical romantic scenery of the authentic Japanese Spring. In fact, many of the famous flower viewing locations can be found in the Northern Kanto Region, including Hitachi Seaside Park which is highly praised by flower lovers as the must-go destination to see Japan’s most beautiful flower fields. Check out the three famous flower viewing locations recommended in this article and put them into your travel list this Spring and Summer!
Nan Lian Garden - An Antique Architecture in the Bustling City
Located next to Chi Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill, Nan Lian Garden is a Tang Dynasty-style garden adorned with antique timber structures and beautifully landscaped with trees, rocks and water features that offers a rich variety of photographic topics to photo lovers. Changing scenery can be enjoyed if you take a stroll along the paths in the garden, with meticulously planned layout that will give you an illusion that you are within a landscape painting.
Question from Beginner: Should I Be Shooting RAW?
RAW and JPEG are both common photo formats. When put in comparison, RAW can record more image data than JPEG and is thus considered giving higher quality images. But how big is the difference in quality and does everyone need to be shooting RAW?
便攜遠․攝蝶組合 捕捉蝴蝶舞動一刻
香港的蝴蝶品種超過二百多種,例如像仙子般的鳳蝶科 Papilionidae,像飛蛾的弄蝶科 Hesperiidae,像指甲大小的灰蝶科 Lycaenidae,還有最大科屬的蛺蝶科 Nymphalidae,如果擁有好像EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS II USM ...
Celia Cheng’s “Hola, South America!” Travel Photography Sharing Seminar Event Highlights
Passionate in traveling, Hongkongers take the chance to travel abroad whenever there is long holiday. To many travelers, South America with many of the world wonders is one of the dream destinations that should be visited once in a lifetime. Photowriter Celia Cheng has just held a “Hola, South America!” photo exhibition...