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小人物大世界 Infinity Journey創意微型攝影
日本微型攝影大師田中達也(Tanaka Tatsuya)的「Miniature Calendar」攝影計劃,以微型人偶配合日常生活用品,引導大家重新檢視身邊的事物。
Grey Backdrop Tricks for Portrait Photography
Paper backdrops are one of the essential tools in studio photography. Do you know which backdrop color is the most practical and versatile to novices in portrait photography? The answer is grey.
A Land of Tranquility - Lau Shui Heung Reservoir
Situated near Lau Shui Heung Village in the northeast of New Territories, the serene and picturesque Lau Shui Heung ...
Question from Beginner: Should I Be Shooting RAW?
RAW and JPEG are both common photo formats. When put in comparison, RAW can record more image data than JPEG and is thus considered giving higher quality images. But how big is the difference in quality and does everyone need to be shooting RAW?
The Unexpectedly Useful Tool for Photography - Your Hands
In addition to cameras and lenses, photography related tools come in all sorts of types. Some of them are even more expensive than the camera. In fact, every one of us already owns a very handy tool for photography – your hands! And most importantly, it’s free!
Photography Tools: Build a DIY Softbox
As we got more experienced in portrait photography, most of us would start to look for an external flash in order to create more versatile imaging effects. However, a hard and strong shadow of the subjects is created when we illuminate the subject head-on.