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Photographing Places with No One Present
Does the place in the photo above look familiar but strange? This is Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok, one of the busiest streets in Hong Kong. It looks strange because we seldom see this place with no one around during daytime. This kind of photo captures the desolate moment of the world and looks surreal. Let’s check out the shooting skills and tips on how to capture an empty street.
A Vanishing Village? Photo Trip at So Lo Pun Village
Located on the periphery of the Northeast New Territories, So Lo Pun Village is one of those villages that are full of stories. Put aside its myths and tales, the village offers great landscapes and is now blended with nature, making it a perfect place for photo and ruin lovers.
漫步薰衣草田 法國南部旅攝指南
普羅旺斯盛放的薰衣草田,可算是七月法國南部的標誌!伴隨南法燦爛的陽光,漫步於一望無際的紫色花海、飽覽遼闊蔚藍海岸的渡假勝地,游走在充滿異國風情的大街小巷等,均讓大家沉醉於這個浪漫國度。今次與你分享法國南部普羅旺斯 - 阿爾卑斯 - 蔚藍海岸大區的自駕遊路線、行程規劃及拍攝心得等貼士,為你的薰衣草之旅作好準備!
Delicious Macro Food Photography
When a group of girls meet up at a restaurant, there is no reason not to take some appetising shots first when delicate dishes and desserts are brought to the table. In addition to using the built-in filters in your camera to create food shots...
Photo Trip at Sharp Peak - Conquering the Sharpest Summit in Hong Kong
The precipitous Castle Peak, High Junk Peak and Sharp Peak are collectively known as the “Three Sharp Summits in Hong Kong”.
An Image Showing Changes from Day to Night - The Photo-Taking and Post-Editing Process
American photographer Stephen Wilkes’ incredible photo series “Day To Night” fuse moments from day to night of various iconic locations in New York into a single image. It takes a lot of work and time to merge multiple images in order to create one final image that shows smoothly how day spans to night in one frame. This article will show you briefly the creation process.