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Photographing Kids: Basic Tips Sharing from a Dad’s Perspective
September is a challenging and memorable month to kids new to school and parents alike, as there are so many precious first moments to remember. Photography can capture all the priceless, never-again moments of your kids’ growth journey which are to be cherished for a lifetime.
Savor the Old Hong Kong - Cultural Photo Trip at Central and Sheung Wan
Hong Kong is famed for its mixed culture of the East and West, and a stroll around the Central and Sheung Wan districts is the perfect way to savor this East-meets-West, Old-meets-New characteristic of the city. A walk through the old streets and the beautiful colonial architecture will bring you back in time to the good old days of Hong Kong.
The Modern Gallery Road - Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail
“Gallery Road” refers to passageway that is erected along the sides of cliffs. In China, the first gallery road was built during the Warring States period. We can tell that gallery road has long history for it being mentioned in an old Chinese idiom that goes “Repair the gallery road by day while secretly crossing the Wei River at Chencang”. But do you know that there is also a gallery road in Hong Kong?
Sunset Photo Opportunity – The Accessible Border-Walk at Tai Shek Mo
Tai Shek Mo is a hillock located in Lo Wu near the Shenzhen border. This closed border was open since 2003 and became a scenic spot offering cityscapes of Shenzhen across the border as well as nice sunset view on the far end. To visit, we can take minibus 51K from Sheung Shui MTR station and get off at the terminus at Ho Sheung Heung. Head north along Pai Fung Road...
A Land of Tranquility - Lau Shui Heung Reservoir
Situated near Lau Shui Heung Village in the northeast of New Territories, the serene and picturesque Lau Shui Heung ...
Tai Tong Red Leaves in Late Autumn
Photographing red leaves is a hit lately, and you don’t have to go overseas to do that as you can also find beautiful red leaves forest in the countryside of Hong Kong. For example, Tai Tong in Yuen Long ...