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Beautiful Cityscape of Central Kowloon - Choi Tak Estate
Public housing estates in Hong Kong not only have uniquely designed façades, some of them are even praised as “King of Public Housing” as they occupy a nice location comparable to those of private residential buildings. Completed in 2010, Choi Tak Estate in Ngau Tau Kok is such an estate that offers sweeping cityscape of Central Kowloon.
Chungking Mansions - An Offbeat International Landmark
Are you one of those people who know about Chungking Mansions because of the movie Chungking Express directed by Wong Kar Wai? Do you have an image of it being a mysterious, dangerous place shared by a mix of good and bad people with different cultural background? In fact, Chungking Mansions is home to a huge variety of ethnic minorities, such as Indian, South Asian and African. Let’s take a closer look at this “mini-United Nations”!
Standing on the Giant’s Shoulder: The “Mask Rock” on Mount Nicholson
Located above Wong Nai Chung Reservoir in the middle of Hong Kong Island, Mount Nicholson, apart from being known as a luxury residential area, is also a famous hiking destination to see the landmark “Mask Rock”.
Large Aperture Prime Lens for Everyday Snapshot Lovers
When a newborn joins the family, many parents would have plans to capture the precious growth journey of their kids with a good camera...
Capture this Great Summer with a Splash of Water
When we talk about summer, images like sunny sky, bright sunshine and outdoor activities come to our mind. All these have one thing in common – they are all “water” related. Think about the beach under the sun, moment of water splash when a wakeboard player jump and those “mirror of the sky” images with nice sunset reflection.
A Land of Tranquility - Lau Shui Heung Reservoir
Situated near Lau Shui Heung Village in the northeast of New Territories, the serene and picturesque Lau Shui Heung ...